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Alternative Treatments

Hopi Ear Candles

A candle is placed in the ear and gently burns down. Unlike ear syringing candling works all the way to the middle ear helping the back-massage-with-hopi-ear-candlessinuses.   As it burns down it creates a chimney like effect massaging the ear drum.   Hopi ear candles are made from organic cotton embedded with various aromatherapy additives.  They benefit you for further 24-48 hours after treatment. To complete the treatment enjoy a lymphatic drainage massage to the face.

Hopi ear candles are fabulous when you just can’t shift that cold.  They help to clean out excessive or compacted wax in the ears and yeast build up  as well as dispelling fluid build-up, eliminating backed up mucus, discouraging Candida, diminishing chronic sinusitis, enhancing hearing, or even taste and smell and relieving ear pain.  They are a great for children who get earache, noises in the ears, ringing, tinnitus, restoring equilibrium or pressure in the ear experienced by frequent flyers.

Head in the Clouds

A shoulder, neck, head and facial massage to relax any facial tensions. A relaxing treatment to stimulate, manipulate, soothe and relax.

Pre-Blended Aromatherapy

Sometimes a regular massage just isn’t enough.  Try an aromatherapy massag.   Let your therapist know if you have any health or medical issues you would like to address and what aromas you prefer.  Then lay back and let us and the aromatherapy oils do the rest of the work while you enjoy your massage with the sweet aroma from the personalized oils. Aromatherapy oils work with your body to create peace, balance, harmony and they continue to work for up to 72 hours.

Enjoy, back, neck and shoulders or a full body massage with or without hot stones.

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle and soothing massage for mum and growing bump. We focus on the areas needing added care and attention; legs, tummy or maybe just your back.   You choose.   Just let your therapist know what you prefer so she can create the prefect massage for you during this special time.

hopi ear
Sometimes we just don’t know what we need to feel better, talk to us confidentially, we may have a solution