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Body Treatments


NueFusion Toning System

This unique combination of continual shifts in frequency through gel adhesive pads placed on the body optimizes body contouring and lifting.  This changes the body shape by destabilizing fat cells and ridding the fat through the lymphatic system.

The NueFusion Toning System can also maximize muscle strength through individualized frequencies to shorten the z-line to the muscle which encourage ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) response.  It also encourages blood circulation for better cellular metabolism and lymphatic drainage to remove waste by-product such as lactic acid.   The results is visual and health benefits for long lasting results.

This is a great option for gym dodgers or those requiring to target specific areas such as the stomach or anyone undergoing rehabilitation.  Lymphatic drainage can also be achieved this way if massage is not an option.

Posh Wash

Lie on our heated couch and enjoy being body brushed and scrubbed from head to toe with our special blended scrub getting to those hard to reach areas.  Your body is washed down with hot muslins before being massaged with a heated aromatherapy moisturiser.  To really make your skin feel like silk, the most abused areas; your hands and feet, will be bathed in warm nourishing paraffin wax to seal in the added moisture.

Body Scrub and Moisturise

This is a complete exfoliation of your body using a variety of salt scrubs and mitts and of course a soothing moisturiser to complete your treatment.  This is a perfect pre-holiday or special occasion treatment to leave your body smooth and radiant.

Back Bliss

This hardest area to reach is our back and we have devised a treat so it doesn’t get neglected any more.  A facial for your back including cleanse, tone, exfoliation, steam and extraction if need.  A blend of jojoba oil with essential oils to sooth and purify your back will be working away whist you enjoy a back massage to rid your body of tension and toxins