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Eye Treatments


Eyelash Lifting

eyelash-extYour own natural lashes lusciously lifted in the blink of an eye!  The Elleebana treatment creates the illusion of longer looking lashes, opening the eyes and enhancing the natural look. Suitable for short or long eyelashes with lasting sumptuous effect.  To further enhance you can have your lashes tinted.  Perfect for holidays and every day for an effortless natural but beautifying look.  A patch test is required for first time appointments.

Eyelash Extensions

Our individual eyelash extensions are of high quality used with ultra-strong glue lasting between 3-8 weeks dependent on your own lash condition, aftercare and lash cycle.  Create a fuller and/or longer look with our natural looking lashes.  We have two fully trained and experience lash technicians who can help to achieve your desired look within your natural lash parameters.  We recommend a top up every three weeks to maintain a full and tidy look. We will not put thick heavy lashes onto short weak lashes.  Longevity and care for your natural lash is our primary goal.  We do have  suitable mascaras available.  However, we recommend admiring and leaving your new lashes to flutter and not clutter with mascara!  A non-oily make up remover should be used. A patch test will be required for first time appointments.

Eyebrow Shaping

Although we do not offer HD Brows, with our guidance and confiscation of your tweezers (not literally!) we create the perfect brows for you through waxing and tweezing.  We can also tint to create better shape and mix our tints to create the right shade and always go steady on the build-up for first timers.  We are happy to show you how to pencil and shade your brows to gain the desired effect.

Eyelash/Brow Tinting

Tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows means no more run mascara in the pool and waking up with an almost made-up look.  Our eyes say so much and certainly complete a face!

Patch Test is required a minimum of 48 hours before appointment please.

What’s the one thing you can get into shape without exercising? Your eyebrows!!!