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Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Sharon Thomas is a fully qualified hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy can help in areas such as stress relief, relaxation, speed reading, perfect recall, weight loss, nail biting, stop smoking, increase self-confidence, kick habits, pain control, insomnia, anger management, alcohol problems, improving your golf and many more positive achievements.

Overcome phobias and/or fears of flying, dentist, spiders, snakes, birds, elevators, public speaking.

1 Hour Stop Smoking Session

Using a combination of hypnosis and NLP you finally overcome your smoking habit, best of all most clients only need the one session of an hour.  Should you require extra support an additional back-up is there for you at no extra charge.

To discuss your personal requirements, please call to arrange a free confidential consultation 01276 33324.


NLP is a gentle and powerful approach to create the quality of life you deserve right now. It is fast, effective and incredibly logical.  NLP means when broken down Neural – neurology (the brain/mind) through which our daily events are processed via the 5 senses, sight, hearing, feelings, smell, taste. Linguistic – refers to language non-verbal and verbal by which our neural representations are filtered and given meaning. Programming – comes from the computer metaphor and refers to the ability to discover and utilise the programs we run mentally.


NLP can help to eliminate phobias such as fear of spiders, public speaking, flying, elevators, snakes in one powerful session. Weight Loss is a popular session to get motivated and eliminate cravings for any foods that haunt you such as chocolate and crisps.  Through NLP you can even overcome feelings of fear, guilt, shame or hurt triggered by powerful memories of both verbal and/or physical abuse.

To discuss your individual requirements, please call to arrange a free confidential consultation 01276 33324.

Really must congratulate Sharon with regards to the hypnosis therapy sessions for my daughter. 1st Session for thumb sucking, even in my scan she is sucking her thumb! Various expensive gadgets bought to no avail. She has now ceased thumb sucking and can have her braces fitted. Brilliant!

2nd Session to overcome fear of riding her bike, at 12 years old, she can now not wait to get on her bike every day,

Thank you so much Sharon. Our heroine.

L. W.