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Here at the Relaxation Centre we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our salon. We believe everyone has the right to all the services we offer with the same confidentiality we extend to all clients.

We have no judgement on your sexuality, if you like to cross dress or taken the decision to transition to another gender.

Helping someone through their transition journey, especially, is a joy and to be honest an honour, as we build such trust with clients. Some will share their journey, some will just wish the treatment to be done and off they go, we respect their choice. We will have the same health screening as for all clients, hormones can affect certain treatments. We do need to ask which physical genitals if intimate waxing is required, this ensures the correctly qualified therapist with adequate appointment time is available. If a wig is worn, let us know if enjoying anything that may disrupt it’s positioning. Transparency on both sides is required to ensure the treatments are carried out professionally, ensuring client comfort at all times.

Anyone wishing to visit us for the first time is very welcome to email or give us a call to discuss any concerns they may have, we can even sit and have a chat with a cuppa to experience our environment before booking. Some clients early in their journey may require extra privacy, so please do express any concerns and we will aim to address these and be accommodating.

We will always aim to make the experience in the salon a positive one.

What treatments are on offer?

Great news! All our treatments can be enjoyed by all, all we need to check is health suitability, as easy as that. Although we do offer tailored laser hair removal packages to clients that may require more treatments when transitioning.