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Mind Over Marathon

May 1, 2017

With Prince Harry opening his private life to discuss his need to use a therapist to address past events in his life recently, let us all be aware that mental health has NO stigma. At some point in our lives we could all benefit from a little help or guidance to have a healthier and happier future. Hypnotherapy, NLP and counselling services are all available at the Relaxation Centre, should you or a loved one ever need a caring ear and help to move forward.

I had the pleasure of putting individual eyelash extensions onto Mel. Mel is one of the ten people chosen to run the marathon with the Mind Over Marathon team with the Princes and Kate. Plenty of training has taken place and her mindset is so strong to complete…. Mind over marathon! So she will finish with beautiful lashes and can be seen on the BBC soon to talk about her amazing achievement.

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