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We Have Put In Place For You …

Thank you to all our customers for your understanding firstly and I trust you are healthy, snug, warm and safe wherever you may be. We have hit the Pause Button and taken immediate steps to protect our customers and staff and comply with government recommendations on social distancing.  I have not had the opportunity to put in place alternatives for existing appointments and client’s needs.

This is what I have thought of already, so skip to appropriate bits.


If you are a recipient or purchaser of a gift voucher or valid Advent deal voucher these will be extended on re-opening. We want you to be able to enjoy the treatments you or recipient have awaiting you.

Online Booking Fee

Each week I will work my way through the online booking clients and cancel their booking. This will automatically generate a refund of the fee as the fee you pay never actually comes to the salon. It is a payment to our service provider. You are welcome to do this yourselves too in advance. I have cancelled all of this weeks already, so you may not find them.

Future Bookings

I have set the automatic reminders to go out advising you that your appointment has been cancelled. It was heart-breaking enough taking all the calls last week as people cancelled. So please be assured if you are booked when we are closed, there is no need to contact us to cancel.

We are working week by week, until the Government advise it is safe for us to resume business in the salon. If you happen to log on and see the appointment still there, we are not expecting to see you. I have just left all in place to ensure the messages go to everyone.

Nail Clients

You have product on your nails, DO NOT PICK IT OFF, you will cause damage to the nail. However, We have acetone here and all the resources to remove it safely yourself. I propose that I make kits you can purchase via PayPal and collect from my doorstep at home (I’m supposed to be moving, but here for a few weeks at least!). I am going to prepare a video of how to correctly remove the product which will be put on our Facebook page. I’ve never done this before so wish me luck and no laughing!

Kit 1 – Acetone, cotton wool, foils, cuticle pusher, nail file £5
Purchase Kit 1

Kit 2 – Kit 1 plus Rescue Remedy for nails, a protein to support and strengthen the nail until we see you. £9.95
Purchase Kit 2

Kit 3 – Kit 2 plus Solar Oil £13.90
Purchase Kit 3

Alumier Clients

Alumier Products will be available to purchase and maintain your skincare routine, do not panic! We have stock here, as I just replenished and we can make this happen via PayPal and collection by arrangement. We do have a way to order directly for you through their portal if we do not have the item or you are unable to collect. You just need our salon code and you can do this. If you need any clarification or problems logging on, do let us know and we can sort this.

Log in to Alumier Directly
Exclusive log in code: B429C2D6

Skin Clients

We do have a number of face masks here, so make the time if you are home to watch TV and nourish your skin at the same time. Tash and Nadia will have a good idea of the skin of our regulars and/or what will suit. Our suppliers are staying open, so we will be able to purchase stock if we run out.
Hopefully over the next few weeks, we can make some home routines and ideas for everyone and their skin. We haven’t got that far or discussed it yet, but sounds a great idea!

Laser Clients

Your commitment to your courses, have always been important to us, and this time, it’s out of our hands. We will assess each client’s individual remaining course when we return. There is no point in me making suggestions or promises at this time, as we have no idea what time restraints we are looking at. All courses will be honoured, the machine is mine, it will still be here to continue treatments.

Waxing Clients

This is a tough one! Hold off as long as you can before you reach for the razor or creams. We don’t want to stimulate the hairs by repeatedly shaving. I know if we all go into lock down, it will happen as any couples will all have more time together, maybe we can pretend we are back in the 60’s and embrace the bush? If you have facial hair, trimming any hairs escaping on your chin is the better option or plucking them out. Whatever, you decide to do, we will work with what we have when we get back to our spatulas.

Massage Clients

Oh this is the most difficult one. Massage isn’t just a luxury, for some it is pain relief and relaxation in this stressful world. We have built up such trust with our clients and know their bodies so well. I am hoping that we may be able to put together some helpful tips on how you can help alleviate discomforts and/or destress through things commonly found at home or a family member.

Keeping In Touch

Please email any correspondence you wish to have with us as I will not be physically in the salon all the time to take phone calls or reply to messages, this will be the quickest way of obtaining a reply.


Please do not message via Instagram. I have no way of accessing it personally. Nadia does that and she doesn’t have access to everything else as she lives in Eastbourne.

So if you do use Instagram and don’t already follow us, please do so.
Our Instagram


This is where the majority of things will be placed in the way of products and hopefully helpful hints and morale boosters. We don’t want you to forget us! Ever! So if you do use Facebook and don’t already follow us, please do so.
Our Facebook Page


We are relying on the generosity of the Government to cover 80% of our wages. We have made this decision based on the Government guidelines that we are unable to carry out our jobs with the social distancing. We have all built freindships outside of the salon with some of you, but, I respectfully request that no one asks any of us privately to provide any of our services. It contradicts every reason we are closed for your, our and our family’s health. Therefore, to prevent any embarrassment or awkwardness I beg you not to ask.


We are in a strong position going into this now we have the support from the Government. I own everything behind our front door and thankfully do not run the salon beyond it’s means. I had 3 new therapists joining us in April and all being well, still be able to in the future. Therefore, I am CERTAIN that when the play button is hit with all the time we have had to; reflect, learn, enhance and prepare we will be in an even better place to serve our loyal clients even better.


Stay safe, Stay indoors, do as you are told and if you genuinely run out of loo roll I have 36 20″ couch rolls in my garage!

See you soon!