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A great treatment to tighten and lift your skin. Pigmentation areas can also be treated, although we do have a number of other solutions available too. Skin Tags can be easily whisked away too. This is an especially gentle and low-pain procedure which achieves incredible, permanent results – immediately. Additionally, due to continued tightening after the treatment, we see further vast improvements.

Most popular treatment areas:

Eyelid lift
Crows Feet
Under eye wrinkles
Forehead lines
Jowl Lift
Upper arm sagging skin
Overall skin brightening
Skin Tags

How does it work?

The tip of the device operates at around just 1mm over the skin’s surface creating a miniscule electrical arc, a plasma arc. This plasma arc touches the skin and vapourises creating a tiny wound to the skin that the body automatically wants to repair. Tiny scabs are formed over the week, which dry and drop off. In doing so the skin pulls together offering a tightening effect in the areas being treated and can also create a lift too. Being the first low frequency device, it targets the epidermis only creating shallow and wide ‘dot’ which creates much less trauma to the skin than other devices.

We will be using a numbing cream to the area being treated, although be aware that the less plump areas can still have a little feeling. You will be needing to keep the area dry until the scabs fall away and follow strict aftercare instructions. Failure to follow these can result in pigmentation or marks left on the skin if scabs are manually removed. During your consultation a full explanation will be provided and ensure you are aware of the importance of aftercare to gain the great results that are possible.

Plasma Shower Technique

Sharon has also been trained by the founder of the Plasma Shower Technique. This is for an overall tightening and lifting of the skin creating a clearer complexion too. It is even less invasive than the ‘dotting’ method and scab last much less, but the effects can be as effective. During this technique we also apply a vitamin rich serum that you will continue to apply over the next few hours to further benefit your skin. In general it will only be a few days that evidence of having ‘had work done’ is visible.

Skin Tags

These can be effectively and efficiently removed for you. Generally, we will be removing a number of tags at one apointment for clients and this is without numbing. Numbing is rarely required as there is no blood or nerve supply to the tag itself. This can be discussed at a consultation and would be charged extra should you wish to have the area numbed.

We are also now recommended by the Sandhurst GP surgery for this treatment as the NHS no longer offer this service.