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Facial Pro Multi and Smart I-Lift

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Facial Pro Multi

The 5 Step Facial Multiple technologies combine for a 360 degree aesthetic treatment. Cleanse, Hydrate, Lift, Regenerate and Sooth. Utilising the latest in gold standard Radio Frequency, EMS, Sonic Ultrasound and Light Therapy technologies to deliver instant & progressive results to lift, tighten, tone & rejuvenate skin for personal use with the quality of a salon. This 5 in 1 device will compliment your in-clinic treatments, but the technology is designed to gently enhance and maintain skin health between treatments. In fact, with healthy & maintained skin using TAH, devices, you will see more benefits & increased results when enjoying your in-clinic professional treatments.

5 in 1 Facial Pro Multi Hand Held Beauty Device

30 minute facial

Suitable for Men & Women of all ages


The Magic Wand

This magic wand reduces puffiness & dark circles, tightens & tones, lifts & revitalises the eye area instantly !
Using a trilogy of advanced technologies Sonic Wave vibration, Adjustable Thermo- Energy and Infra Red Light therapy!

The device has the correct quality assurance and safety certification and a 12 month “fix or replace” warranty.

(Some health issues may prevent you from using, please check with us)