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Oxygen Facial – Skin For Life

PURE Oxygen Infusion

Pure Oxygen Infusion Portable is a unique delivery system using advanced product technology. We use chemistry to deliver a safe and effective pure oxygen environment. Therefore, every skin type, condition and color may benefit from an oxygen infusion facial treatment.

Skin changes are dramatic, with instant gratification after your first treatment. However, it is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

ideally clients would have this treatment twice a week for three weeks to meet their clients skin goals.

We use 21% of oxygen (the same as we breathe). The air flow is consistent and may be adjusted due to certain skin areas of concern.

A, C, E complex (Anti-Ageing) phase 1 oxygen infusion serum increases skin volume and improves overall skin appearance. An antioxidant serum that defends the skin against free radical damage. This antioxidant serum enhances skin vitality by creating an infusion of vitamins A, C and E. These important vitamins repair and recover skin from daily environmental stress.

Brightening (Pigmentation) phase 1 oxygen infusion serum combats pigmented skin changes that may occur due to sun exposure, medications or hormonal challenges. Due to its anti inflammatory ingredients brightening may be used on hyper-sensitive skin. The #1 condition that is hard to treat without the right skin care treatment and home care is Hyperpigmentation.SFL  created a formula that is solely targeted to improve and reduce pigmentation concerns.  Our brightening oxygen infusion serum has Kojic acid, Licorice and Bearberry extract to improve pigmentation concerns without redness or skin irritation.