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Senses Deluxe Facial

£85.00 £75.00

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Your first cleanse with a creamy grapefruit, lavender & frankincense to start the treatment.  Followed up by a luscious Japenese Pear cleansing balm massaged in to lift any remaining impurities. Warm mitts ensure your senses are tickled before a rose spritz.  Pomegranate & Apricot bring a fresh wave as they gently exfoliate the top layers away, revealing a smoother freshness to your skin. Your arms and hands are massaged while a clay mask with rose extract that has been applied with brushes takes affect and for you to take in the aromas surrounding you and heated mitts encase your hands.  An active serum is applied before a refreshing and relaxing rose petal jelly mask is applied, (this also covers your eyes, so please do let your therapist know if you don't want to cover your eyes).  Now to massage your lower legs and calves and allow yourself to float away.  Your mask is peeled off with a pressure point massage finishing with a facial oil massage with hot and cold stones and eye cream applied.

70 Minutes


Valid – 6 months